On 01/01/2013 is sworn in as vice-mayor of Orleans with the mayor Dr. Marco Antonio Bertoncini Cascaes, for the office period of 2013/2016. Receives the Anita Garibaldi award of highlight businessman in Laguna/SC. And is awarded with the Fama Trophy as best businessman in the city of Orleans and is also awarded with the title Friend of Acol, by the Academia Orleanense de Letras. On September 15th 2013 José Carlos say goodbye.


In the public office, the Lussa way of administrate, made the young centenary Orleans, an enchanted place to live. Runs effectively for the first time on an election and wins with the biggest votes difference in the history of Orleans. Lussa visited more than 80% of the houses in Orleans and he was adored even by non electors for his humble and enterprising way of living.


José Carlos Librelato receives the highest award of the industry in Santa Catarina: the Industrial Order of Merit, on July 20th 2012, for his enterprising profile that highlighted among the businessmen in the south. Is also awarded with the prize Fama trophy, as Business Featured in Orleans and receives the Febave's gratitude Diploma, in recognition to the support given in the construction of the veterinarian hospital in Barriga Verde University Center in Orleans.


In 09/04/2009 Lussa realizes his last objective in the list of wishes traced when he was 17 and becomes Mayor in office in the city of Orleans until 10/01/2009, from 04/28/2011 to 05/31/2011 for the second time Lussa becomes Mayor running important works in only one month and from 02/24/2012 to 03/25/2012 Lussa is again mayor in his beloved city for the last time.


In a historic election in which Lussa becomes a candidate only three days before the election, is elected beside the mayor Jacinto Redivo and is elected vice-mayor for the period from 01/01/2009 to 12/31/2012.

Lussa achieves another great dream in Librelato. Releases a project that consists in unify all trainings and courses in an only program: The Professional Formation Program Lussa Librelato. The project couldn't have another name due to the president director of the company (Lussa) has as priority in his office the teaching and qualification of all professionals acting in the organization.


One of the secrets of his success the businessman defined in two essential qualities: sensibility and determination. Sensibility to identify good business, listen to people and determination to execute whats is planned.


Further on being remembered in the community, the entrepreneur is viewed as an example by teacher and students and so, many times is invited to be patron and give lectures to academic classes all over the country.


With an enterprising and challenging spirit, José Carlos Librelato becomes an icon and great example to be followed by people who wants personal and professional growth. The entrepreneur is nationally cited as an example of persistence, wish and enterprising.


In 1975 Started directing the group Librelato.


The dreamer boy traces his 17 objectives, at 17 years old. Dreams, in that time, impossible.


When José Carlos Librelato built his first truck body, in 1969, he couldn't imagine that the company just established would become one of the major in Road trailers in Brazil.


Attended the elementary school in the E.B. Samuel Sandrini in Orleans and attended the technical school in Statistics at Colégio Estadual Senador Francisco Benjamin Galloti in Tubarão/SC. Attended for one year the Administration course at UNISUL also in Tubarão/SC.


Following the Catholic religion in the family, Lussa does his first Holy Communion.


Worked in the family's sawmill, in the flour mill, and in the sugar mill. In 1964 the family acquired the property "Charqueada dos Sandrini", where today is the company Librelato, funded in 1969.


Berto Librelato and Carolina Carboni Librelato's family is completed with the birth of Lussa's youngest brother, Gilmar Librelato, the 11th son of the family: Adolar (in memorian), Apolônia, Maurina, Salete, Arcângelo, João Alberto, Luiz Tadeu (in memorian), Ademir, Aloir e Gilmar.


Attended the elementary school at Corridas school in Orleans. His first teacher was Mrs. Juraci Nascimento Juncklaus which always remembered with great gratitude, thanking in all his lectures the education he received.


Got the nickname Lussa during childhood and like that got known nationally. Lived his childhood in the locality of Corridas in Orleans, where since very young started helping the parents and siblings working in farming and selling good in the city. In childhood many lessons from the parents were very important, that although a big family educated the children always valuing the respect, discipline, honesty and dedication to work.


José Carlos Librelato was born in Orleans, country side of Santa Catarina on May 03rd, 1955. His grandparents are descendant of Italian immigrants coming from Vêneto, Italy.

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